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Soinuddin Khujandi`s letters


Mirzoev S.Kh.


The author of the article has given an analysis of the epistolary heritage of the outstanding scholar, well-known representative of Khujandians` House (Oli Khujand) in mediaeval Isfagon Souniddin Khujandi Isfahoni (1370-1433). It is marked that Souniddin Khujandi`s epistolary heritage consists of almost twenty letters which may be grouped as: sultoni, ikhvoni, irfoni, hurufi ones. It is underscored that Khodja Sounuddin in his epistolas uses the Tajik language intermixed with Arabic words and word-combinations adducing Koranic verses and hadises belonging to the Prophet, prosodic citations in Tajik; the fact being the evidence of virtuous mastering of Tajik and Arabic by Khodja Sounuddin. His letters are the source of primary importance containing the data about his own life and Khujandians` House in Isfagan. Souniddin`s epistolary heritage is not only of literary-historical significance, but of socially-political one either. Linguistic and stylistic peculiarities of letters have been explored as well.


epistola, Soinuddin Khujandi`s letters, Isfagan Khujandians` dynasty, manuscripts, sultoni, ikhvoni, irfoni.


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Wednesday, 24 February 2021

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