Shokirov Tugral Sirodjovich (04.02.1953, Khistevarz rural council of Khodzhent rayon (now Bobojohngafurov nokhiya) under the auspices of Leninabad oblast (now Sughd viloyat), Tajik SSR (now Tajikistan Republic); militia colonel (2003), linguist, Dr. of Philology (2011), Professor (2003), academician of the Russian academy of natural sciences (2013), Exemplary Officer of Militic of Tajikistan Republic (2007), Exemplary Pedagogue of People’s Education of TR (2010), Exemplary Worker of Periodical Press of TR (2012), Merited Votary of Science and Education of Russian Federation (2012).

After graduation of the Tajik State University named after V. I. Lenin (1974) (now Tajik National University) Shokirov T.S. worked as editor, senior editor, senior scientific editor in the Central scientific editorial board of the Tajik Soviet Encyclopedia (EST, 1974-1982); 1983-1986 – post-graduate student of TSU named after V. I. Lenin; 1987-1988 – EST senior scientific editor; assistant (1989-1992), Associate Professor (1992) of the Tajik language department under TSU; Associate Professor of Khujand State University (1992-1995).

Since 1995 served as a department chief in TR Ministry of Home Affairs attached to the Academy (1995-1997) and in the educational section of MKA (1997-1999); deputy chief of Khujand branch (faculty N4) of the academy in question (educational section), (1999-2012) being simultancously Associate Professor (1995-2000), Professor (since 1992) of the Tajik language department under KSU (1992-1995).

Since 2012 up to 2017 – chief of the Tajik language department under the Tajik State University of Law, Business and Politics (TSU LBP).Since 2017 – Professor of the given department.

In 1987 he defended the candidate dissertation under the tittle “Linguo-Stylistic Peculiarities of the Literary Productions by Fazliddin Mukhammadiyev”, in 2011 he defended the Doctoral dissertation titled as “Formation and Development of Juridical Terms of the Tajik Language”.

He is an author of 24 monographs and books, compiler and editor of over thousand scientific, scientifico-popular, publiscistic articles and works on various issues of the Tajik language, literature, history, culture, jurisprudence, sociology and politology. He is a founder of Tajik  jurislinguistics and linguo-juristics (2006).

Since 1982 – member of the USSR Associate of journalists, participant of regional, republican, zone and international conferences and symposia. Since 1981 – warrior-internationalist. Laureate of the viloyat Prize named after academician Gafurov in the field of science (2014).

Being awarded: medal and honourable certificate of the USSR Supreme Council Presidium and medal of Afghanistan Democratic Republic (1987), medals – “75 years of Tajik Militia” (2000), “10 years of Tajikistan National Army” (2003), “80 Years of Tajik Militia” (2005), International order “For Labour and Science” (Russian-England-Germany); he is conferred the medals of Paris (2018), Barcelona (2019), Frankfurt (2019) book festivals.